From anywhere in the world. With the whole world. is the best new way to react to remote live events as they unfold just by giving your phone a tap or a shake.

Follow the reaction curve of the world, your social circle, or folks rooting for the same team.

Gone are the days of trying to root for your favorite team all by your own makes rooting fun and social: It is just as easy to react by simply shaking your device as it isto keep track of your own reactions and those of thousands of others.Want to find folks to root with in your area? Spice it up with a bet?Send out a ripple-or a tidal wave-of protest against an unfair score? lets you do all that and more. isn't just for sports fans; it's a universal feedback mechanism that lets you react in real timeto whatever is happening on the screen.Throw your support behind a favorite contester or performer with a shake of your device or a tap of your finger.See how your reaction plays out in the bigger picture.

Want to thumbs-up a great slide? Disagree with what the presenter is saying?Don't hold it back-react to your heart's content and share your reactions with others.Taking part in a conference has never been this fun and this social. bridges the distance between the student and the professor. Never lose track of your students' reactions.Ask questions, distribute assignments, survey your audience as you teach.With, your classroom is in your hands.

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